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Local Plan Consultation January 2017

Local Plan – Parish Council Response – June 2017



The 2nd draft of the new Thanet Local Plan (draft) is now available for consultation until 17th March 2017.

Copies are held in the Cliffsend Village Shop / Post Office for viewing, and can be inspected during the normal opening hours.

It will replace the current (out of date) Local Plan, and will affect the future of all of Thanet.

Thanet is preparing its new Local Plan. This consultation is taking place to seek your views on the our proposed approach to planning for the future of Thanet.

We need to decide what level of growth is right for Thanet and how we can plan positively for that growth, through the Local Plan. We have prepared a draft Local Plan which we are asking for your comments on. This is an important part of the process and it is crucial that we get your views.”

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Consultation Comments 2015

The responses made during the 2015 public consultation are now available to view on the TDC Local Plan consultation responses website

A paper copy of the responses is available to view in the Thanet Gateway, Margate. The responses are set out in the same order as the draft Local Plan, by Chapter and then by individual policy. The name of the person or organisation making the comment is given, followed by the comment.

The Council received about 1,800 sets of comments, with a total of some 40,000 individual points of response to the consultation questions.

Since the end of the consultation we have been processing all of the comments received and reviewing any changes to be made to the plan as a result.  The comments and any proposed changes will be considered by Council Committees in due course. Any changes made to the draft Plan will need to follow Government guidance, as the Plan will be tested through a Public Examination, led by an independent Planning Inspector. 

The Council is also reviewing elements of the Local Plan evidence base which may result in changes to the draft Plan.

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Local Plan Consultation 2017

“I am writing to let you know that we are consulting on proposed revisions to the Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options) between 20th January and 17th March 2017.

In this focussed consultation the Council are seeking views on the following main changes to the Local Plan Preferred Options 2015. These main changes are:

  • The re-designation of the former Manston airport site for mixed use development
  • The allocation of two additional housing sites at Manston Court Road/Haine Road and at Manston Road/Shottendane Road to meet the new objectively assessed housing need of 17,140 dwellings.
  • An alteration to the location of the proposed Thanet Parkway Station
  • Safeguarding of Strategic Routes
  • Implementation Policy
  • Suggestions for Local Greenspace Designations
  • Call for evidence relating to National Standards for internal space in new development; accessible and adaptable accommodation; and water efficiency.

All comments submitted during the last plan consultation in 2015 have been considered but not all changes are being made at this stage. Due to the scale of change from the last plan we wanted to seek the views of the public on these main changes before submission to the Secretary of State. The other amendments will be available for comment during the pre-submission consultation later on this year. Therefore we are ONLY seeking views on the changes listed above.

The consultation is also accompanied by the Sustainability Appraisal report and comments are welcome on this. A separate comments form is available.

Other supporting documents that will be available for information during the consultation include the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), Habitats Regulations Assessment, the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Airport Viability Study and Economic Growth Strategy.

The quickest and easiest way of responding is electronically, through our online consultation portal. To comment this way please go to consult.thanet.gov.uk

If you are not able to respond this way, you can download the consultation document and comments form from our consultation portal or pick up paper copies from the Thanet Gateway, Cecil Street, Margate, at public libraries in the District or from Pierremont Hall in Broadstairs or Customs House in Ramsgate. If you require a hard copy of the consultation document or the comments form please contact Strategic Planning on 01843 577591 or local.plans@thanet.gov.uk or Strategic Planning, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1XZ. Please note that comments that are not received via the consultation portal may not be immediately acknowledged.

Please make sure we have your comments by 5pm Friday 17th March 2017.”

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Local Plan – Parish Council Response – June 2017


Download (PDF, 16KB)


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