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Project Nemo

High Voltage DC Cable connecting Zeebrugge to Richborough


NEMO Link project website


Current Developments



This major project was granted planning permission in Dec 2013. Planning number F/TH/13/0760

It will have a noticeable affect on Cliffsend as the cable will come ashore at Pegwell Bay.

(Cliffsend Parish Council made comments on it to the Planning Authorities in 2013.)


The project has several parts. 

An electricity converter station in Belgium which will change the European standard electricity supply to a suitable form for transmission via the undersea cable.

The undersea cable from Zeebrugge to Pegwell Bay.

A land cable from Pegwell Bay to the Richborough Power Station.

An interconverter station at Richborough.

A new pylon connection from Richborough to the UK power network.


The undersea cable will come ashore at Cliffsend, on the Sandwich side of the filling station, and run underground (overground in certain areas, but safely buried and protected) to Richborough Power Station.

At the Power Station a new converter plant will change the incoming Direct Current (DC) electricity from Europe to the national standard Alternating Current (AC) electricity for onward transmission on the National Grid.

This requires a new high voltage pylon line from Richborough to Canterbury – see the Richborough Connection page on this website.

Cable Route Overview

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Current developments


3 smaller transformers will be transported from Ramsgate Port along the Sandwich Road through Cliffsend to the Richborough Power Station on 25th May, 28th May & 1st June 2018. These are classified as abnormal loads, but are smaller than the 4 massive interconnector transformers which convert DC current to AC current (& vice versa). 

Two more very large interconnector transformers will be transported from Ramsgate Port along the Sandwich Road through Cliffsend to the Richborough Power Station in 2018. One came through on 8th Jan 2018. The final one will come through on 16th June 2018.

The sea cables have been laid and connections to the land cables have been made in Pegwell Bay.

Two very large transformers for the project were transported from Ramsgate Port along the Sandwich Road through Cliffsend to the Richborough Power Station on Mon 25th & Tues 26th Sept 2017. They are just too high to fit through the new Cliffsend underpass on the Hengist Way dual carriageway. 

Details and photos.

A public information drop-in session project update was held on Weds 13th Sept 2017 between 4 and 7 pm in the Cliffsend Village Hall.

The Richborough Connection project has now been approved – details here.

Preparation works for the interconnector at Richborough power station were completed in Spring 2016.

The old turbine house has been dismantled and a new building is under construction for the converter.

The NEMO link project website has added a 5 min time-lapse video of the deconstruction of the turbine hall (in the Latest News section). The turbine hall structure withstood the explosion which removed most of its cladding in 1996, and the dismantling of the main framework took several months.

On land cable laying work is well underway, and the subsea route is being scanned for unexploded bombs – there have been several controlled explosions in / near Pegwell Bay.

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