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Kent County Council commissioned a technical study into the possible locations for a Parkway Station in 2010, taking into account both road and rail issues.

The study comes to a conclusion for the preferred possible station location – which is well to the West of Cliffsend village, near the Cottington Road railway bridge. (Shown in the diagram below.)

This location has excellent connections to the new road and Manston Airport.

A possible alternative location would be between the Foads Hill level crossing and the Lord of the Manor, but this would be much more difficult and expensive to engineer for train operations.

Maps and Full 2011 report

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Latest News on this project

18th July – KCC Planning application

14th Apr 2018 – Update

18th Sept 2017 – 2017 Consultation Results Summary 

29 June 2017 – Cliffsend Parish Council Response

12th Feb 2015 Exhibition

12th Dec 2014 Presentation

30th Oct 2014 KCC Update

Dec 2011 Update

15th Sept 2011 News


Consultation Reports

Full Aug 2017 Consultation Report  pdf 1.8 Mb

26 January 2017- Public Consultation

June 2015 Consultation Reports

The Short “Executive” 2015 Consultation Report  pdf 300 Kb

Full 2015 Report  pdf 1.9 Mb

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July 2018 Planning Application


Please note that the comment date for this application has been extended to 24th Aug 2018.

A full planning application for the Parkway Station has been submitted to KCC.

The plans have been revised, taking into account the views expressed during the 2017 Consultation exercise.

The parish council held an open meeting to discuss this application on 21st Aug 2018; A1 copies of various plans & a printed selection from the documents were available for viewing.

The application consists of approx. 90 files; these are all named & file sizes given on the KCC planning application page.

The Design & Access Statement (pdf – 15Mb) gives an overview of the development & contains useful plans.

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Cliffsend Parish Council official response to the planning application 

Parkway Station

The residents of Cliffsend are by a large majority opposed to the building of the Parkway Station.

Cliffsend Parish Council is also opposed to the building/Plans for Parkway Station for the reasons noted below. In addition we put forward a number of suggestions for changes to the plans which Cliffsend Parish Council and the Residents consider will improve the design should it be built: –

  1. The station will not provide any material benefit for the village of Cliffsend, rather it will generate a lot of negative impacts.

  2. Cliffsend Parish Council are very concerned that the financial viability of the proposed station has not been proven and it will become a “White elephant” for the area. We note that even the DfT will not provide a grant towards the building cost because they cannot see there will be any financial or other gain for the community at large.

  3. The Parish Council and Residents are very concerned about the amount of light pollution which will generated across the village from the station because it is located on top of an embankment.

  4. On Street Parking – Inevitably because people will not pay the proposed car-park charges for the station parking; Cliffsend village will be plagued by on-street parking in roads such as Clive Road, Cliff View Road or Sea View Road. Many Cliffsend roads are narrow and have no pavements, a lot of cars left all day will generate significant traffic hazards for the residents. How will the developers ensure this is prevented or controlled?

  5. We note the plans show two possible pedestrian/cycle access routes, what measures have been included to prevent people trying to take short cuts through the surrounding fields or wooden areas because they are not prepared to take the longer official route.

  6. The Plans show it is proposed to have Surface Water run-off lagoons and ditches on the border of the car park area. Cliffsend is an area which has a large population of Mosquitoes, of a variant which is known to be capable of harbouring Malaria or Zika. What steps have been taken with the Surface Water runoff ponds/ditches to prevent any build-up of stagnant surface water and thus significantly increase the already large mosquito colony. The whole of Cliffsend is already under monitoring by Thanet District Council Environment Health department to prevent any build-up of Mosquitoes.

  7. The proposed Station access junction with the A299 will generate significant impacts on traffic to and from Margate because of the delays which the proposed traffic lights will cause. Why has this option been chosen when a better solution would be to run a road spur directly to the Sevenscore Roundabout from the proposed Station Forecourt. The building of the spur would be considerably cheaper than all the changes to the existing A299 required to add the traffic lights and “T” junction to the Dual Carriageway. Quite apart from significantly reducing the risks associated with creating a junction on a busy road with traffic approaching at high speed.

  8. As the station will be unmanned what measures are being taken to prevent the station being used for

    1. Antisocial behaviour in the bushes or public toilets?
    2. A meeting point for boy racers on their Motor Bikes or cars?
    3. The car park seems to be designed as a beautiful short racing circuit nicely placed for the late night racers who frequent the local roads.
  9. We note from the planning documents changes are needed for the level crossing in the centre of Cliffsend (more disruption), however the actual cost of the required changes has not been determined nor who is going to fund them! Yet more money from an empty pot!

  10. Councillors and Residents expressed concern that the cycleway/footpath from the Station to Clive Road will not be provided with lighting over its full length. If lighting is not provided many people will avoid using the path during dark hours.

  11. We note the proposed changes in the plan documents for Bus Routes 9, 42 and 43. However it would appear the authors mixed up routes of the two buses as the 42 serves between Ramsgate and Minster via Cliffsend, whilst the 43 serves between Canterbury and Westward Cross via Sandwich and Cliffsend (along the Sandwich Road). Both of these bus routes and the number “9” service (Canterbury via Sarre and Cliffsend) have a very limited or no service on these routes serving Cliffsend after 1800 on weekdays, limited services on Saturday mornings and no services at all on Sundays. Thus for many potential travellers who might want to use the station there will be no bus service at any time when they might want to travel.

Printable copy of this response – pdf 17 Kb

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Apr 2018 Update

Funding for the Parkway Station is not guaranteed and it is unlikely to be fully funded before the selection of the new train operator franchise – which is due in August 2018.

The new franchise will begin in Dec 2018.

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Aug 2017 Consultation report Summary

Cliffsend Specific issues from consultation Report

Foot access from Cliffsend village

This is currently under review following comments received in the public consultation.  Given the proposed station location it would be beneficial to provide access to both north & south side of the village.   Precise route for pedestrian & cycle access is still to be confirmed, although the option that we consulted on used the existing railway underpass and public right of way across the field to the south and proposed to create a new footpath to link into Earlsmead Crescent.  To the north, the proposal in the consultation used the existing public right over Hengist Way and created a new footpath to link to Foads Lane.  However, these options are under review following comments received in the public consultation.

Intended Parking Restrictions

No decisions made to date.  Residents will be consulted on any proposals for controlled parking within the village – it is likely that this will include resident-only (and resident visitors) unrestricted parking with restrictions for rail users.  Scheme is yet to be developed.  Any scheme introduced and agreed with TDC will be for TDC to enforce.

Routing of Vehicle Access via New (A256) Road

KCC is currently reviewing the vehicle access option that was consulted on (a traffic light-controlled T-junction with the A299 Hengist Way) following comments received in the consultation prior to submission of the planning application.

Extract from Consultation Report

“Kent County Council is proposing to build a new parkway railway station in East Kent; Thanet Parkway.

This report outlines the results of a pre-planning application consultation which ran from 25th January – 19th March 2017.

The consultation asked for views on the outline design of the station, in particular the proposed station facilities, look of the station, road access, car parking facilities and public transport, walking and cycling access, receiving a total of 355 responses.

The intention was to gather feedback from the consultation to feed into the development of the station design.
Throughout the eight week consultation period, a number of consultation materials were made available online and in hard copy upon request. In addition, six exhibition events were held throughout East Kent with a total of 394 people attending. The consultation was also promoted on social media, local press and via email to stakeholders.

A majority of consultation responses showed general agreement with the proposals; however, there were a number of concerns raised regarding detail and design of the proposed station, including the proposed road access arrangements, pedestrian access route and plans for the station to be unstaffed.

In addition, there were a number of objections received from local residents, many of whom expressed their general disapproval for the station.

Key stakeholders were broadly supportive of the proposed Thanet Parkway railway station, but a number of comments were made in relation to their specific area of interest. For example, the Kent branch of Campaign to Protect Rural England had concerns regarding the visual impact of the station of the generally rural landscape. Kent Association for the Blind also provided helpful comments for consideration when finalising the design to ensure facilities are accessible for those with disabilities.

The results of the consultation will be considered in detail as the proposal is developed. Once the design has been finalised, a planning application will be submitted.”

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June 2017 Cliffsend Parish Council Response

Proposed Station Facilities  (See page 5 of the consultation booklet)

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed station facilities (waiting shelters, information points, ticket machines, lift and help points for remote assistance)?

Strongly disagree.

Cliffsend PC do not agree with the proposed parkway station. We do not agree that the proposed station facilities are adequate for disabled customers, there is no security there, making vehicles an easy target. The proposed station is on a hill, meaning the platforms will be higher, and the tannoy announcements will travel and be heard across the village. The lighting will also be noticeable across the village.
Cliffsend PC cannot emphasise enough that the station is not supported and in the wrong place.

Proposed Look of the Station  (See pages 6-8 of the consultation booklet)

 To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed look of the station?

Strongly disagree

Cliffsend PC cannot emphasise enough that the station is not supported and in the wrong place. 
We do not support the station so do not want to comment on the look of it.

Proposed Road Access (See page 9 of the consultation booklet)

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed road access arrangement (two-way single access road with a signalised T-junction from Hengist Way A229)?

Strongly disagree

Cliffsend PC cannot emphasise enough that the station is not supported and in the wrong place. 
The proposed road access is not appropriate. Cars will divert through the village, which will have an enormous impact on the residents and pedestrians around the village. It will only aggravate existing traffic problems and create traffic jams.

Proposed Parking Facilities (See page 10 of the consultation booklet)

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed car parking facilities (300 long stay parking spaces, dedicated short stay pick up/drop off zone, disabled bays, electric car charging points, parking for motorcycles, taxi rank and cycle storage)?

Strongly disagree

Cliffsend PC cannot emphasise enough that the station is not supported and in the wrong place. 
Cars will avoid paying the charges and park on the roads around the villages, causing issues for traffic flow and residents. Car park charges are too much – people will park elsewhere and walk to the station as the pedestrian access is available. There are too many spaces! Who is going to use them all?

Proposed Public Transport, Walking and Cycling Access  (See page 11 of the consultation booklet)

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed sustainable public transport, walking and cycling access arrangements (park & ride, cycle, pick up/drop off zone, walking and bus)?

Cliffsend PC cannot emphasise enough that the station is not supported and in the wrong place.
Buses going to the station will result in a reduction to an already minimal service to the village. The parkway proposes to use pathways and land which is not public land? Public footpaths should remain public.
Emergency vehicles will not be able to get through the village.

General Comments

Cliffsend PC cannot emphasise enough that the station is not supported and in the wrong place.

However there is an alternative access route which we would like you to consider. The slip road which runs in and out of the village and parallel to Hengist Way could be used. This would be safer. The proposed new site is nearer to the village and will be able to be seen on the skyline, and is closer to houses and residents. Why was it moved from the original site? Why could it not go on the other side of Richborough way? It would not affect as many residents and would not have an impact on the traffic of the village. The village is already used as a cut through and speeding cars are normal. We cannot emphasise enough that this would have a negative impact on the village and we are concerned that cars will park on the roads to avoid charges and this will be impossible to police.

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Update January 2017 – Public Consultation

KCC have just announced dates for the second phase of public consultation events.  These will be held in Cliffsend, Sandwich, Acol, Minster and Ramsgate at various dates through February and early March.  Please see details below of specific venues and dates and further information can be found on the KCC website by clicking here.

Download (PDF, 228KB)

KCC Press Release 25 Jan 2017

Thanet Parkway station consultation

Kent County Council is launching a second public consultation into plans for a new parkway station in Thanet.

The new station will provide access to more employment opportunities for local residents by providing access to high speed rail services to London and other parts of Kent. It will also improve investment opportunities at Discovery Park Enterprise Zone and surrounding business parks in Thanet, bringing jobs and prosperity to East Kent.

The station would be built on the existing rail line between Minster and Ramsgate, and located to the west of the village of Cliffsend.

A parkway station primarily serves as a park and ride interchange and will be serviced by mainline and High Speed services.

In early 2015, KCC carried out an eight week public consultation on the initial high level design, impact and benefits of Thanet Parkway.

Feedback from that consultation has been used to help refine the station design and the full consultation feedback report is also available on KCC’s website.

KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport Matthew Balfour said: “We’re now looking to consult on the outline design of the station before submitting a planning application later in the year.  

“This will hugely improve connectivity to London which is essential to unlocking development potential and attracting the investment and job opportunities for local people

“Manston Business Park, EuroKent Business Park, Discovery Park Enterprise Zone and developments around Westwood Cross will benefit from being around an hour from London.

“This consultation provides the opportunity to update you on the progress made since the last consultation and gives you the chance to ask questions and tell us your views.”

The consultation starts on Wednesday, January 25 and finishes on Sunday, March 19.

Road access is proposed  from the A299 Hengist Way with additional pedestrian and cycle access via Cliffsend village and Cottington Road.

The proposed parkway station is designed to be unstaffed with two platforms and have a variety of facilities, including ticket vending machines and passenger help and information points offering remote assistance.

There will be step-free access from ground level to both platforms which can accept carriages up to 12 car trains.

A 300 space car park is adjacent and a forecourt with bus stops, drop-off and pick-up zone, dedicated taxi area, electric charging points and an area for cycle storage.

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Exhibition in the Village Hall on Thurs 12th Feb 2015

This was very well attended, and everyone is urged to fill out a questionnaire to ensure that your comments are recorded.

This can be either the paper copy sent to all Cliffsend addresses, or on-line on the dedicated KCC Parkway website.

The deadline for replies is 27th March 2015.

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KCC Presentation to Cliffsend on 12th Dec 2014

KCC representatives gave an initial presentation about their plans for a Thanet Parkway Station to Cliffsend parishioners on Friday 12th Dec 2014. (Presentation available from link below.)

About 55 Cliffsend parishioners attended the meeting and raised many questions about many aspects of the Parkway project and its effects on Cliffsend and the wider area.

The message from the KCC team to everyone is that this is just the very start of a long process, and everyone will be consulted along the way.

There will be an exhibition in the Village Hall on Thurs 12th February 2015 from 12 noon to 8pm.

All residents are encouraged to attend the exhibition to learn more about the proposals, feed in their comments and to raise any issues in person with the KCC team.

All Cliffsend homes will be sent a questionnaire before the exhibition so that people will have some details of the proposed station and some time to think about it before attending the exhibition.  The questionnaire will not need to be completed until after the exhibition.

The proposed site for the station is just to the west of Cliffsend, near the Railway bridge over the Cottington Road (as shown above).

This is the site originally chosen in the 2011 KCC report (more details and report available on the Parkway Station Maps and files page on this website – see link above.)

(Note that the offer of a site for the Thanet Parkway station on the proposed Manston Green housing development is not going ahead).

However, the exact position of the station and car park has to await a detailed survey and will depend on many factors.

Copy of the 12th Dec presentation   pdf – 1.0 Mb

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From KCC, dated 30th Oct 2014

“The project is being planned and developed by KCC, with a prospective delivery of the station in 2018.

Thanet District Council has shown its support for the project, as has Dover District Council.

The project is currently at the planning stage and as part of this we are trying to gather the public feeling and opinion about the development and its impacts.

A consultation will be taking place in the New Year, during which stakeholders will have the opportunity to submit comments on the proposals. These comments will be taken on board and will help shape the station design and specifications in the planning application.

Prior to this consultation we would like to engage as many of the local parish councils as possible to introduce the project, discuss the proposals and answer any questions you may have at this stage.”

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Update in Dec. 2011

The train speed enhancements bid was successful.

However, the Parkway Station project remains just a proposal for future development.

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From the KCC Planning and Environment Department; dated 15th Sept 2011

KCC applied for part-funding for this project to the Government’s Regional Growth Fund in Jan. 2011. The bid also included funding for train “line speed enhancements”  between Ramsgate and Ashford.

They have confirmed that the bid was unsuccessful.

A second bid was submitted in July 2011, but for the train speed enhancements only, not for the station. A decision on this is expected in Dec. 2011.

“The Thanet Parkway Station remains a live project, for which KCC is currently pursuing alternative funding and delivery options. However, there is no presupposition on the part of the County Council that planning permission from Thanet District Council will be forthcoming.”

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