Parish Council Newsletter – Oct 2014

Cliffsend Parish Councillors – in alphabetical order


Vera Hovenden – PC Chairman, Finance and General Purposes Committee (Chairman), Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (Chairman), Finance Working Party

Kathy Lyon – Finance and General Purposes Committee, Meadow Working Party, Neighbourhood Plan Working Party

‘Ratna’ Ratnasingham – Finance and General Purposes Committee

Martin Rogers

Pat Searle – Finance and General Purposes Committee, Meadow Working Party, Neighbourhood Plan Working Party

Stuart Turner

Phil Wendholt –  PC Vice Chairman, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Meadow Working Party (Chairman), Neighbourhood Plan Working Party, Finance Working Party, TAC and TRRG Representative


Dates of PC meetings – 7.30pm in Cliffsend Village Hall


Nov 6th                     Dec 4th                    Jan 8th              Feb 5th                    Mar 5th                    Apr 9th


Parish Council Surgeries. A Parish councillor is available outside the Village Hall fortnightly on Wednesdays from noon to 1pm, alongside the PCSOs at the Police Contact Point.


The next Parish Council Election – 7th May 2015   All seven seats will be available for people to stand for Election.

It is a pleasure to be able to be part of the decision process on Cliffsend Parish Council, and we hope that people will come forward and stand for election.  Do feel free to ask active members of the Council any questions that you may have.  Members of the Public are welcomed at the monthly meetings and it is a great opportunity to witness what goes on.


The village has a website – – which contains news and information of Cliffsend village interest. It is run as an impartial service.


We have noticed several sold boards in the village .Welcome to new villagers.


The traffic calming now being carried out on the Sandwich Road is due to be completed by Christmas.  Access to businesses will remain as usual.


Dog Bins and Grass Cutting. Currently Thanet District Council are employing Minster Parish Council to undertake the services for the emptying of some of the waste and dog bins, and the cutting of some areas of grass in Cliffsend.  Other grass areas are the responsibility of Kent County Council.


Foads Hill Railway Crossing Alarms. The new alarms which were fitted in Mar 2014 have caused many complaints about the intrusive alarm volume from residents near the crossing; it is disturbing the sleep of some.  The Parish Council and Residents’ Association are liaising with Network Rail to encourage them to reduce the volume.


Cliffsend Planning Applications. Copies of plans are usually issued to the Parish Council and are available should residents wish to view them.


Cliffsend Neighbourhood Plan. The area to be covered by this has been agreed by Thanet District Council.  It includes most of the village, but not the Nature Reserve.  Carrying out this plan is important as gives us the opportunity to influence future developments in the village.  We hope to soon have a questionnaire so that villagers can take part in the process.  If you are willing to volunteer to assist the small group currently working on this, please contact the clerk.


Cliffsend Community Plan Group (CCPG). We requested a meeting with the CCPG and an independent advisor in April, but are still awaiting a date from the CCPG committee.


Children’s Playground Equipment. Some of you may have noticed that part of the Children’s play equipment has been removed.  It was condemned as unsafe by Thanet District Council.  A new playground will be placed in the recreation ground at a cost of up to £50,000.  The Parish Council are working with TDC on this project, and it is hoped that a full consultation on the equipment selection will be held.  It is anticipated that this will be fitted by the end of March 2015.


The Meadow is the responsibility of the Parish Council, under a 125 year lease agreed in 2006.  The current members have worked hard to sort the maintenance and make it inviting to users, with new benches grant funded by our Kent County Councillors, a plastic mesh following the route of the definitive public footpath, and repositioning of the gate to make access safer.  The lease is quite restrictive and the Parish Council works hard to make the meadow an inviting and useful area for villagers.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Aug 2nd commemoration and barn dance which was jointly arranged with the Cliffsend Residents’ Association.


Parish Council Clerk – Ms Ashley Stacey; 3 Rossetti Road, Birchington. CT7 9ER  Tel 01843 848473.


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