Manston Green Proposed Housing Development

Page updated 18th July 2016

Original Application – Jan 2014

Amended Application – Feb 2015


The amended outline application was approved by Thanet DC on 13th July 2016


Original application – Jan 2014

The proposal (first issued Oct 2013) is for the phased construction of 800 new houses, on either side of the Haine Road, just North of the smaller Lord of the Manor roundabout.

It includes various other facilities.

The proposal has now been modified to take into account comments received during the exhibition on 31st Oct and other public consultation, and has been submitted as an outline planning application, but the Parkway Station is NOT included in this application. (It will be in a separate application).

The planning application number is OL/TH/14/0050.

  • It consists of 34 files, some very large (several are 100+ scanned pages), with no indication of file sizes, names or contents.


Location Plan 


 The application includes

  • 800 houses – in phases.
  • New roads, including a by-pass for the Haine Road.
  • Improved Public Transport.
  • Primary School.
  • Community Facilities.
  • A Park & Ride facility.


Manston Green Poster   pdf – 2.7Mb

The Manston Green website

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Updated Application – Feb 2015

An amended application has been submitted to TDC; the UK Planning  / TDC reference remains the same.

Comments on the application must be received by 26th Feb 2015. 

This can be done on-line from the UK Planning website – search for application 14/0050.

However, to date (15th Feb 2015), the Manston Green website itself has not been updated.

There are 2 extra documents on the planning application

  • A new Application form, dated 6th Feb 2015; – 7 pages
  • A new Design and Access Statement, dated 4th Feb 2015. This large file (14.8Mb) is 97 x A3 pages, including many drawings / plans etc.  

Some of the amendments have been made following comments made about the original application.

Some of the amendments are

The Thanet Parkway Station will no longer be on the Manston Green site.

The "Public Transport Interchange, including local parking / Discovery Park parking on a Park & Ride area" has also disappeared.

KCC are progressing the Parkway project themselves. (See the Parkway Station page on this website).

The implementation for the project is now over 6 years (phases), not 7, with construction assumed to be starting in 2016.

The Manston Road / Haine Road junction improvements will take place in phase 4 (2019).

The New Haine Road dual carriageway will be started in phase 5 (2020).

They are now assuming that Manston Airport will no longer function as an airport.

The new connecting road into Manston airport from the promised new dual carriegeway New Haine Road has disappeared.

They state that that in Phase 1 " water should now be possible without airport activity".

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