Bus Services serving Cliffsend Village

Page updated 20th Oct 2017

No. 42 Bus will be diverted around the closed Cliffsend Road from 23rd Oct – 20th Nov 2017details


The Ramsgate – Sandwich bus was changed in Sept. 2017.  This route is now provided by the new 43 service.

(The 87 / 88 no longer serves Thanet / Cliffsend, but terminates at Sandwich.)


All buses serving Cliffsend are now run by Stagecoach, except for one School Bus – the 954 – which is now supplied by Regent Coaches.


Please note that the timetables here were current on

Stagecoach regular services – 9th Oct 2017

Stagecoach School services – Dated from Sept 2017

and the dates on each timetable are listed.

Updates are received regularly, and were last checked on 20th Sept 2017

If in doubt please check with the Stagecoach website


Regular Scheduled Services                    School Buses

Regular Scheduled Services

Stagecoach 9  (Thanet – Canterbury)

 Westwood – Broadstairs – Cliffsend Manna Hutte – Canterbury
One per hour; Monday – Saturday
9 Timetable pdf file (214Kb); Dated – 02/05/2017

Stagecoach 43  (Westwood – Canterbury via Sandwich)

 Westwood – Chilton – Nethercourt – Cliffsend Sportsman – Sandwich – Wingham – Canterbury
One per hour, but with 1 extra school bus morning & afternoon on school weekdays; Monday – Saturday
 43 Timetable (with map); pdf file (608 Kb); dated 03/09/2017

Stagecoach 42 / 42A  (Margate – Westwood X – Ramsgate – Monkton)

Cecil Square – QEQM Hospital – Westwood X – Ramsgate Harbour – London Road – Nethercourt – Cliffsend Meverall Avenue – Cliffsend Post Office – Minster – Monkton
Approximately every 75 min; Monday – Friday; Saturday – Monkton – Westwood X.
 42 / 42A timetable starting 1st Sept 2015   pdf file (247 Kb)

Diversion around the closed Cliffsend Road 23rd Oct – (approx.) 20th Nov 2017

The 42 bus will run to the existing timetable, although this diversion may cause slight delays in bus stop times.

The bus frequency shouldn’t be affected as there is sufficient standby time at each end of the route to allow for the expected slight increase in travel times.

Bus travelling from Ramsgate to Monkton –

The bus will turn around in Meverall Ave Cliffsend, and then go via the Sandwich Road and the Lord of the Manor roundabouts to Manna Hutte on the Canterbury Road West, then down Cliff View Road, Clive Road & Foads Hill to get back to Foads Lane & onto its normal route.

And vice versa from Monkton to Ramsgate.


School Buses


Almost all of the school services are run by Stagecoach, however the Service 954 for the Sandwich Technology College is now run by Regent Coaches (Revised timetable Sept 2017).

 Regent Coaches Contact – 01227 794345.  Regent Coaches website

Regent 954

954 timetable  pdf file (334 Kb); dated Sept 2017

Sandwich Technical School
Birchington – Monkton – Minster – Cliffsend Manna Hutte – School

 Stagecoach School Services

The Stagecoach “Getting to School” website has now gone (Dec 2015), and school buses are just listed by bus number.


The bus for the Sandwich Schools is the new service 43


Stagecoach 43

43 Timetable (includes map)  pdf (608 Kb); dated 3rd Sept 2017

Sandwich Technical School
Westwood X – Ramsgate St. Lawrence – Nethercourt Circus – Cliffsend Sportsman – Sandwich Technical School

Stagecoach 940

940 Timetable  pdf (71Kb) dated 4th Sept 2017

Charles Dickens School
Hartsdown Academy
King Ethelbert School
Broadstairs – Margate – Birchington – Minster – Cliffsend Manna Hutte

Stagecoach 942 / 943 / 944

942 / 943 / 944 Timetable (pdf 78 Kb); dated 4th Sept 2017

Dane Court Grammar School
St. George’s School
Hartsdown Academy
King Ethelbert School
Cliffsend Meverall Avenue (to school only) – Cliffsend Manna Hutte (both ways) – Minster – Acol – Birchington – Westgate – Margate – Schools

Stagecoach 42A

42 / 42A timetable starting 1st Sept 2015   pdf file (247 Kb)

Ellington School
Dane Court Grammar School
St. George’s School
Royal Harbour Academy
Monkton – Minster – Cliffsend Manna Hutte (Cliff View Road) – Cliffsend Meverall Avenue – Nethercourt – Chilton – Grange Road – Newington – School
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