Jentex Site Development

Page updated – 8 November 2018

The original outline plan received planning permission from TDC on 17th Sept 2015.  This has now expired and Jentex have submitted a new planning application.


New Application – September 2018

Revised Application – June 2015


List of Documents on the UK Planning Site

Housing types and numbers

Site Plans

Revised Application September 2018 – OL/TH/18/1213

New planning application has been submitted by Jentex for development of their site.  The new details are:

  • Erection of a 3 storey 61 unit extra-care facility
  • Erection of 14No. single storey age restricted bungalows
  • Erection of 34No. two storey dwellings
  • Erection of 8No. maisonettes

all including access and scale following removal of existing structures.

The layout of the site has been altered from the currently approved scheme.  The extra care home building has been moved from the East end of the site to the West end as this provides a flatter area for this large building, reducing the need for extensive earth works.  The community room and shop are now located within the extra care home building.  The overall number of dwellings has increased slightly from 112 to 117.


Site Overview (Full size image available here – 80kb)
Housing Types (Full size image available here – 47kb)

The following files are available from the TDC Website under Planning Applications:

DescriptionTDC Planning File No.File SizeContents
Site Access Visibility Splay638692191kbPlan
Site Access Emergency Vehicle Swept Path Analysis638693207kbPlan
Site Access Refuse Collection Vehicle Swept Path Analysis638695212kbPlan
West and South Illustrative View638697310kbDrawing
Design & Access Statement – 1st Part6368143.8mbAll plans, drawings & photos
Design & Access Statement – 2nd Part6368154.6mbMixed plans, drawings, photos & text
Design & Access Statement – 3rd Part6368164.7mbMixed plans, drawings, photos & text
Flood Risk Assessment6368172.7mbMixed plans & text
Land Contamination Assessment6368184.4mbMixed plans, maps, tables & text
Planning Statement636819396kbAll text
Illustrative Site Layout636820688kbPlan
Fire Analysis636821802kbPlan
Highways Analysis636822960kbPlan
Refuse Analysis636823915kbPlan
Site Location Plan6368241.2mbPlan
Transport Assessment6368253.2mbMixed plans, tables & text
Application Form636829292kbAll text

Comments on the plans must be submitted by Friday 19 October 2018.

CPC Response to this revised application

Cliffsend Parish Council considered this planning application at their meeting on 11th October.

The Council voted to support this planning application, however Councillors expressed concern about the potential for accidents at the site entrance from Canterbury Road West.

  • The site entrance is quite close to a bend ( eastern end of site) in Canterbury Road West which means that traffic exiting towards Minster from the site will be unable to see traffic approaching from Ramsgate.
  • The submitted plans do not show this aspect in any detail or highlight the potential danger.
    Perhaps the site should have a mini-Roundabout which will serve to reduce traffic speed in the area and make pedestrian crossing safer.

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Revised Application June 2015

The original application in Feb 2015 has been modified to take into account various comments from TDC, Highways etc.

The overall number of units has been reduced from 119 to 112.

Extra Care Units have been reduced from 61 to 56.

Retirement cottages have been reduced from 18 to 16.

On-site parking spaces are unchanged at 131.

Site roads have been modified to allow for turning areas for refuse trucks.

The Canterbury Road West will be improved by addition of

extra pavements

extra bus stops on both sides of the road

6 extra on-road parking spaces (which will narrow even more of the road)

possibly a Pedestrian Crossing

Comments on the plans must be submitted to TDC by Thurs 9th July 2015.

These can be made in writing, or via the UK Planning website – details about this are in the Document List section below.

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Updated plans for housing on the Jentex site on the Canterbury Road West, Cliffsend have been submitted to Thanet District Council – ref TH/15/0020.

Jentex held an exhibition about their plans for the site on 21st Aug 2014, in the Village Hall; this was attended by over 200 residents, and over 100 questionnaires were filled in.

Jentex have taken into account all the suggestions / comments received from residents, and worked with KCC, TDC, Kent Highways and other bodies to ensure that important objections and worries have been addressed.

The proposals are for 112 dwellings (originally 119), with a high proportion of the accommodation to be specific for local “later life” residents.

Details of the types of dwellings; numbers of each type and extra services on the site are listed below.

Comments on the plans must be submitted to TDC by Thurs 9th July 2015.

These can be made in writing, or via the UK Planning website – details about this are in the next section below.

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Document List (updated 30th June 2015)

The documents on the UK Planning Site – – are nearly all scanned, and most are very large.

To access the documents choose Thanet District Council then search for Jentex in the street name, or TH/15/0020 in the application number.

This currently (June 2015) brings up a list of 25 documents.

However, there is no indication on that website of the file sizes or lengths. (Even downloading just the page thumbnails will be slow unless you have a fast broadband connection.)

A list of the documents, page numbers & file sizes is listed in the following table as an aid.


Jentex Planning Application TH/15/0020 –  Document Properties





File number

Description on

Planning website

ContentsPagesFile size
Revised Drawing
Fire AnalysisDrawing showing Fire Zones1774 Kb
Revised Drawing
Highways AnalysisDrawing showing Pavements, on-road parking spaces, Bus Stops, Pedestrian Crossing1763 Kb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Elevations along Canterbury Road West 11.2 Mb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Perspective 1 along Canterbury Road West 1941 Kb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Perspective 2 along Canterbury Road West 1793 Kb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Perspective 3 Overhead towards Bay 11.3 Mb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Perspective 4 from West 1889 Kb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Site LayoutA3 Scale11.5 Mb
Revised Drawing
Illustrative Site LayoutShowing House unit types & Parking Spaces11.0 Mb
Revised Drawing
Refuse AnalysisSite layout including refuse vehicle turning areas & refuse storage areas1755 Kb
Revised Drawing
Site Plan 11.5 Mb
Application Form
  11430 Kb
Letter enclosing application 126 Kb
Letter re submission of application 3102 Kb
Site Block PlanPlan of existing site, including surrounding houses1436 Kb
Site ProposalProposed site layout + housing zones + heights11.9 Mb



Flood Risk Statement 131.2 Mb
Proposal for ….Full proposal (but no drawings); details of the services to be offered; rationale for the design; responses from Cliffsend exhibition questionnaire; etc. 1013.4 Mb
Site Investigation

Environmental reports – 40 pages;

Proposed development details, plans, drawings – page 41 on.

7321 Mb



Supplementary Statement Part 1Environmental Investigations887.6 Mb
Supplementary Statement Part 2Environmental Investigations561.1 Mb
Supplementary Statement Part 3Environmental Investigations938.0 Mb
Supplementary Statement Part 4Environmental Investigations1707.9 Mb
Transport Statement 15454 Kb

Transport Statement Appendices

 495.6 Mb

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Housing Details

“A Mixed Tenure, Mixed Income, Mixed Housing Facility.”

“A range of graduated housing with care choices on site.”

“Also aims to provide services to enable older people to continue to live independently in the local community.”

56 unit (originally 61 unit) Extra Care Housing Scheme
Incorporating (originally 39) one bedroom + (originally 22) two bedroom Extra Care Housing Flats.
35 Parking Spaces
15 Bungalows for sale designed for older people and for young people with a disablilty
16 Parking Spaces
10 Affordable Family Houses for rent/shared equity (subject to Thanet DC policy)
19 Parking Spaces
 7 Affordable Retirement Cottages (subject to Thanet DC policy)
 7 Parking Spaces
15 Family Houses for sale
27 Parking Spaces
9 (originally 11) Retirement Cottages for sale, intended to facilitate “downsizing” locally.
11 Parking Spaces
A Community House (multi space building)
For both resident and wider community use for events, meetings, social activity, services and site management.
An office for a “Rural Hub”
Providing “outreach services” intended to support independent living in Cliffsend and in neighbouring Thanet villages.
13 Parking Spaces

A small community shop providing a service at the north-west end of Cliffsend.

Designated play space for children and green space adjoining the Community House.

All parking contained within the site.

A Community Mini Bus for older people to serve the site and Cliffsend Village.

Overall, a proposal that will create and sustain as many as 40 FTE jobs.

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Drawings and Plans

Revised Site Layout

Printable copy of this file   pdf – 1.5 Mb


Original Site Areas

Printable copy of this file   pdf – 766Kb


Original Site Zones

Printable copy of this file   pdf – 449 Kb


Revised Site Parking

Printable copy of this file  pdf – 1.0 Mb


Highways Improvements

Printable copy of this file  pdf – 763 Kb

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