Updated – Cliffsend Road Closed Late Oct – Nov 2017

Cliffsend Road will be completely closed to traffic from the junction with Foads Lane & Foads Hill to just before Chapman Fields.

The Chapman Fields estate is not affected. The meadow entrance will be.

The closure will be for 24 Hrs / day, and is expected to last for a month.

The Parish Council have requested that pedestrian access is maintained, especially to the meadow, even if it has to be escorted at times. Pedestrians will be able to use the entire closed length of road.


No. 42 Bus Diversion details – supplied by Stagecoach on 20th Oct.

The 42 bus will run to the existing timetable, although the diversion (see below) may cause slight delays in timing.

The bus frequency shouldn’t be affected as there is sufficient standby time at each end of the route to allow for the expected slight increase in travel times.

Bus travelling from Ramsgate to Monkton –

The bus will turn around in Meverall Ave Cliffsend, and then go via the Sandwich Road and the Lord of the Manor roundabouts to Manna Hutte on the Canterbury Road West, then down Cliff View Road, Clive Road & Foads Hill to get back to Foads Lane & onto its normal route.

And vice versa from Monkton to Ramsgate.


The Highways notice follows below; a link to the official road closure bulletin is at the bottom of the message.

Temporary Road Closure – Cliffs End Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate – from 23 October 2017

It will be necessary to close part of Cliffs End Road, Cliffsend near Ramsgate, from Monday 23rd October 2017, with estimated completion by 20th November 2017.

 Cliffs End Road will be closed between the junctions with Foads Lane and Chapman Fields.

The alternative route is via Foads Lane, Foads Hill, Canterbury Road West, Lord of the Manor Interchange and Sandwich Road

Access to the remainder of Cliffs End Road continues from an eastern direction up to where the road is actually closed, but there will be no through access during these works.

The closure is to allow junction modifications and the installation of drainage to be carried out by Barkemp Construction for a new housing development.

Due to the nature of these works, it will not be possible to re-open the road outside the working hours.

There is a chance that the works may over-run for such reasons as adverse weather conditions or unforeseen engineering difficulties.

  The Kent County Council Highway Helpline phone number is 03000 418181

Enclosed is a copy of the Public Notice in confirmation of this.

T843C – Cliffs End Road, Ramsgate  pdf – 82 Kb