Chairman’s Report 2011/12

(Given by Cllr Beryl Harrison at the 2012 Annual Parish Council Meeting on May 3rd 2012)

It gives me great pleasure to present my Chairman’s report to the Parish outlining some of the activities which your Parish Council have been involved with over the last year.

As usual, it has been a very hectic busy year, with the Parish Council working on various projects throughout the village.
The memorial meadow is a project which I have been involved in from the start and with the help of Cllr Rogers we are putting the final touches to it.

The new village sign, which was made by Signs of the Times, is due to be unveiled by the Mayor of Ramsgate on 26th May 2012 at 2pm on Hugins Green.  The sign has a 3d effect and will be a lasting legacy to the village.  This is a very exciting time for the village, which has not had a sign for many years.  The previous sign was taken down and never replaced.

We have some topical events coming up in the next year, which include the lighting of the Beacon to commemorate the Queens Jubilee on Monday the 4th June.
Across the country Buckingham Palace have arranged and planned to light at least 2012 beacons to commemorate this event. Ours is to be lit at 10.30pm.
The Parish Council have ordered two new commemorative benches to mark such a prestigious occasion.
We are also lucky enough to be the first village of Thanet to have the Olympic Torch pass through. To commemorate this event the Parish Council are trying to arrange an event to make it a memorable day. We are meeting with Thanet District Council to finalise details which will be available soon on the website once they are confirmed.


I would like to thank the Councillors of this parish for their commitment and assistance throughout the year.
Cliffsend councillors give their time with no financial gain to try and make things better for the village community. I hope as a council we will find ways of working closely with other groups within the village, and with our combined strengths feel sure it will lead to improvement for the benefit of the villagers.


Now is the time to say a thankyou to all who have worked on the new EKA access road; what a mammoth project that has been.
Those of us who have watched the work involved can say how impressed we have been with the presentations and time given to the village. A giant jigsaw that is now going to be completed this month.


I have now to give thanks to Ashley Stacey our clerk for her valued and sterling work that she has achieved since joining our council last September. Working as a Parish Clerk is exacting and indeed daunting at times and I would like to add my personal thanks as Chairman for the help received.


I would also like to thank the following people for their help in developing the New Cliffsend Sign:
John Hughes Artist ( Viking Ship)
Dennis Lefevre Artist (St Marys Church)
David Ward Pilot of the SRN 4 ( Hovercraft )
St Augustines Cross ( Archive)
Artwork and design layout by Cllr Beryl Harrison.


And finally I would like to thank villagers who attend the meetings.
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