Asparagus Field Housing Development


Page updated 26th June 2017

The latest application, for the approval of landscaping, was submitted to TDC on 10th May 2017 – R/TH/17/0676.

The parish council discussed the proposals for the reserved matters (landscaping) on 1st June 2017 and made the following comments.

Agreed the proposals but with an objection to the use of prickly shrubs in hedges etc. as they may damage children.

Also noted that the entrance gate & fencing into the Marjorie Chapman Meadow on the south side of Cliffsend Road will have to be moved back into the meadow due to the provision of the housing development on the North side of Cliffsend Road. This is a statutory requirement under footpath regulations.

Thanet District Council gave general approval for this development on 14th Feb 2017.

Fencing was put around the development area on 23rd Jan 2017.


Viewing the application and commenting about it

Document List for original application




Millwood Homes were granted outline planning permission for a development of 31 houses + a small retail unit on the Asparagus Field.

A further application, concerning landscaping, was submitted on 10th May 2017.  New application number is R/TH/17/0676

There are 5 documents with this application.

Comments must be received by 14th June 2017.


They submitted an updated application concerning the appearance / layout / scale of the various buildings in 2016 – new application number – R/TH/16/0483 – and this was approved on 14th Feb 2017.

There are 37 documents with application R/TH/16/0483, and each document now has a description on the planning website, but no indication of the file sizes.

The Design & Access document is 3.2 Mb

The Building Heights drawing is 1.6 Mb

The Parking Strategy drawing is 900 Kb

The original application number is OL/TH/15/0537, and it was was submitted in July 2015, then a modified layout submitted in Sept 2015.

It was approved at the TDC Planning Committee on 20th Jan 2016, after a planning discussion meeting on 16th Dec 2015 and then a site visit on 8th Jan 2016.

Selected drawings are shown below.

(The final date for comments on this application was 4th Aug 2015.)

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Viewing & Commenting

To access the planning documents go to the UK Planning Site

then search for Cliffsend Farm in the street name, or TH/15/0537 or TH/16/0483 or TH/17/0676 in the application number.

The documents on the Thanet Planning Site are nearly all scanned, and most are very large. However, there is no indication of the file sizes on the Thanet Planning website.

As an aid, the list of the files for the original application and their sizes are given in the document list below.

Details about the comments process.

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Document List for TH/15/0537 on 8th Feb 2016

Downloadable / printable copy of this list   (pdf – 39 Kb)

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Revised Layout Sketch

Printable copy of this file  pdf –  147 Kb

Original Layout Sketch

Printable copy of this file   pdf – 900 Kb


Printable copy of this file   pdf – 640 Kb

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